Our History

In 1975, Dr. Sidney Elkins' American Government class at Penn State-Beaver Campus found there was no place in Beaver County, PA where consumer complaints could be filed.

They called a public meeting of groups with an interest in consumer issues and the group decided that a Beaver County chapter of Alliance for Consumer Protection should be formed. At the request of the new group, the Beaver County Commissioners gave them office space, a phone connection, used furniture and office equipment in a county building in Beaver, PA. Aside from these provisions, the group asked for no money.

The ACP office opened for business later in 1975. The goals of the ACP were the same as they are today: to provide free consumer services for County residents and others doing business in Beaver County including:
  • Investigating and mediating consumer complaints
  • Providing education on consumer issues
  • Referring people to relevant businesses and professional services
  • Providing family budgeting and crediting counseling
  • Reaching out to the community at senior centers and at senior and public housing.
Over the years, hundreds of Beaver County residents have benefited from ACP's services and we're grateful to all who helped found the Alliance and who provided the framework we still follow with the aim of helping hundreds more.

Rev. February 22, 2024

We can help you with consumer issues / problems and advice on purchases



Due to staffing
restrictions, our
office hours are
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ACP Services brochure

Pick up a copy of our brochure at our office or at most local libraries.

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