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The Alliance for Consumer Protection is a Beaver County-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization with offices in the Oxford Realty Building in Center Townshp near Monaca, Pennsylvania (USA).

Our services are geared for elderly, low-income, homeless, minorities, disabled people and veterans but we are here for ALL in need of help, regardless of income. For almost 40 years the Alliance for Consumer Protection of Beaver County has been serving consumers in a variety of ways including the resolution of consumer/business complaints by facilitating the mediating and negotiating process.

We have successfully handled such disputes as car repairs gone wrong, health, auto and home insurance payment issues, appliance warranties, contractor issues, utility issues, credit issues and more. A volunteer agency, we are dedicated to fair dealing in the market place.

Role of ACP

  • Provides consumer information and education.
  • Mediates, negotiates, and facilitates resolution of consumer / business complaints.
  • Helps resolve credit report problems.
  • Offers consumer credit counseling and establishes family budgets.
  • Attempts to protect the public from misrepresentation and scams.

Our Mission

The Alliance for Consumer Protection is dedicated to helping the residents of Beaver County with consumer education, credit counseling and consumer / business complaint mediation.

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Rev. October 22, 2022

We can help you with consumer issues / problems and advice on purchases



Due to staffing
restrictions, our
office hours are
by appointment only.

ACP Services brochure

Pick up a copy of our brochure at our office or at most local libraries.

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